I am SUPER EXCITED to announce some

big changes in the works!!  

Don't worry!!  All of the reasons you currently visit Through Her Practice will stay!  

  • The blog will still continue to stay strong-- no changes there!! 
  • None of the basic values of Through Her Practice are changing-- no changes there...

But I am getting a NEW NAME and a new address!  

And that's not all...

There will be... oh shoot!!!  I get so excited, I want to give the present away before it's wrapped!!  So you will have to wait!

A hint is ok though, right??  I will be more available in a new way...  I have to shut up now!!

Urgrhhhh!  It won't be long, so stay tuned :o)

If you want a sneak peak, check out my new ABOUT page!!!

Pretty soon you will be redirected to the new site AND all that's new at...

Megan Roth Healing...

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